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May 28, 2006 by MistressDaiyu
I purchased Otaku Software's TopDesk last week. The "flip3d" task switcher that it provides (it also provides choices to tile or cascade the window thumbnails) works almost as well as the one Vista provides.

The problem is that it displays most WB-skinned windows sans titlebars, heck, sans frames. Although possibly Otaku & Stardock could collaborate on a mechanism to prevent this, integration into either WindowFX or Windowblinds would make for a cleaner solution.

Of course, youse guys can...
December 11, 2005 by MistressDaiyu
Hello all...

After ObjectEdit, DriveScan is the ObjectDesktop component that
I invoke the most... however...

Drivescan does one thing that puts me in the position of spending
a few minutes to prepare to use it before actually using it. Namely,
if I scan a drive that contains user profiles, each of which will have
a NetHood folder, it will recurse into any reachable directories for
which it finds an alias lingering there in NetHood. So, I have to open up
that profiles (or Documents ...
November 25, 2005 by MistressDaiyu

My Radeon 9600 is working well with WB5 RC1, and I'm looking forward to the WindowsFX update. I'm just now transitioning from WB 3.51 to WB5 (I tried 4 a few times but, well, long story) and I'm pleased that even legacy skins are working, even my crappy illegal skins.

I also note that just about every skin I've tried works fine with the Direct-Skinned ATI Catalyst control center. HOWEVER, I'm not getting the glass transparency from Kol's VistaXP skin; instead, its just running ...